Canada has attracted people in search of a share of a dream from all corners of the world. Since Canada is known for its immigration history, the Canadian society has often been described as a “cultural mosaic”. Composed of citizens from Anatolia, Central Asia and Balkans the Turkic Canadian community has a unique place in Canada as a part of its cultural mosaic. As an historical centre for the Turkic countries, Anatolia is a region which has a legacy of ages that gave birth to today’s many great civilizations: Hittites, Lydians, Persians, Greeks, Romans,Byzantine, Seljuks and Ottomans just to name a few.

Having its name inspired from such a matchless geography and history, Anatolian Heritage Federation (AHF) is the newly founded umbrella organization for many ethnocultural institutions from all over Canada that have ties to the significant geographic region called Anatolia (or Asia Minor) and the area surrounding it.

AHF is established as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with the mere purpose of bringing people together with interest in the Canadians and Turkish cultures. AHF is a leading, independent and an umbrella organization committed to advancing the interaction among Canadians and Turkish people to promote and encourage continuing good relationship and understanding through its affiliate organizations regardless of their ethnic origin, religion and other preferences. AHF and its member organizations bring people together by hosting public programs and private events featuring leaders and experts with diverse views on a wide range of global and regional topics through task forces, executive forums, luncheons, conferences, studies, and leadership dialogue. AHF’s mission is to promote the cultural, educational, academic, business, social and arts relations and to organize events and activities to bring together the Canadians and Turkish communities within Canada

AHF currently has 21 members from all around Canada, From Vancouver to Ottawa, from Kitchener to Montreal, from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg.AHF and its members strive to play its role in Canada towards global peace and harmony.In accordance, AHF has adopted the motto “Embracing future through legacy of ages”. We hope to make a contribution to the cultural fabric of Canada, like many cultures before us.