ABC Road Map 2014

//ABC Road Map 2014

ABC Road Map 2014

Anatolian Heritage Federation (AHF), in partnership with the Association of Balkan Canadians (ABC), is proud to organize the Road Map Leadership Conference on April 30th, 2014.

For the last five years, the Road Map Leadership Conference has been held in United States. Guest speakers have attended from both Europe and the U.S. This group of individuals included Presidents of the Balkan Republics, parliamentarians, diplomats, legislators, businesspersons, and influential global leaders. This is the first time, Canada will be hosting the Road Map Leadership Conference and we are expecting to have about 400 Ontarians in attendance.

The goal of the conference is to bring together community leaders, politicians, businesspersons, academics, professionals, and university students from all around Ontario in order to build and share a vision for the future. Through this conference, we aim to inspire students to pursue education with the highest determination and ambition, and to pursue the greatest degree of success in the professional and business world. It is our hope to make this conference a platform through which students can network with entrepreneurs, government officials, and global leaders in order to avail opportunities for personal, professional, and social growth both domestically and abroad.

The program will commence at 1:30 pm to 9:00 pm and will include dinner (Please find the program below)

To attend the conference, please RSVP by April, 25, 2014 at


1:30pm: Registration and Networking
3:00pm: Introduction/Welcome Speeches
3:20pm: Business Forum
Keynote Speaker, Doug Porter, CFA, Chief Economist and Managing Director
4:00pm/5:00pm: Networking Session/Break
5:00pm/5:40pm: Leadership Summit
5:40pm/6:10pm: Break (30min)
6:10pm/6:40pm: Panel Discussion/Q&A session
6:40pm/8:30pm: Networking/Fundraising Reception Dinner
8:30pm/9:00pm: Closing Remarks
9:00pm: End of Program