Fethullah Gülen’s Message of Condemnation and Condolences for Attack at Chabad of Poway Synagogue in California

I was deeply saddened by the deadly attack on Chabad of Poway Synagogue in California which resulted in the death of a woman and wounding of 3 other people. I vehemently condemn this horrific attack which adds on to a series of attacks to places of worship in the recent months.
The fact that the shooter stated he was inspired by the latest attack on the mosque in New Zealand and that he claimed responsibility for an attack against a mosque in the area is alarming. It is distressing to see an increase in hate-driven attacks at places of worship directed against innocent worshippers. These attacks should be a warning to us so that we, as a family of humanity, stand firm against hatred including Anti-Semitism, or hatred against Muslims, Christians or other religious groups, and against hate-driven attacks. The best way to achieve this is to promote mutual respect by bringing together people of different backgrounds.
I send my deepest condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives and to those who had to witness such a horrific incident during their worship. I pray for the quick recovery of the wounded. I pray to God, the Most Compassionate, that he instills in every human sentiments of brotherhood of humanity and he brings forth a peaceful society consisting of individuals who live with these sentiments.