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“Voices Against Extremism”

IDI hosted discussion  series in Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton on themes around Radicalization and Extremism Ottawa’s Intercultural Dialogue Institute hosted its annual Interfaith Dialogue Supper and Colloquium at the Turkish Cultural Centre in Kanata with the theme “Deterring Homegrown Extremism: Can Faith Communities Help?”. According to Colonel Guy Chapdelaine from the Office of the Chaplain General, [...]

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IDI – Family Iftar dinner on CBC

“3 families from 3 different religions meet on an iftar dinner’’ Intercultural table : Food that gathers Every year, IDI Montreal organizes family meetings and promotes dialogue by bringing together different cultures and traditions. The “Meet your neighbors” program is an initiative of Intercultural Dialogue Institute whose primary objective is to promote dialogue and cultural [...]

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Newruz brought different nations altogether in Toronto

Newruz Fest put forward the solidarity of Turkic Nations in Toronto once again. The cultural event themed as Newruz brought people of 18 distinct nations together. The event was organized by Intercultural Dialogue Institute with the sponsorship of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Ministry. In the event, along with the traditions of Turkic nations, delicious and [...]

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IDI Montreal – 11th Annual Friendship Dinner

“IDI Montreal gathered the mosaic of Montreal at the 11th Annual Friendship Dinner” IDI Montreal organized its 11th ANNUAL FRIENDSHIP & DIALOGUE DINNER & 2015 Art & Essay Awards Gala under the theme “Our differences, our richness” at Centre Mont-Royal. 130 guests gathered on this evening where speakers and guests spent a pleasant evening. After [...]

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Ramadan in Toronto

Canada Welcomes Ramadan For another year large tents were erected during Ramadan in various cities across Canada to resemble an Anatolian ambience for those attending the iftar dinners. These tents set the stage for organized events entertaining the attendees. The Anatolian Cultural Federation was commemorated by many on its successful attempt to bring Anatolia to [...]

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Selam Journey to the Spring’ watched with tears

Selam Journey to the Spring, whose director was Hamdi Alkan and whose actors were Aslihan Guner, Gurol Gungor, Miktebek Apazov, Mert Yavuzcan and Egemberdi Bekboliev, met with its audience in Canada. The movie attracted so many people from different backgrounds in different cities. An audience, Mr. Erdal Dag, who watched the movie in Toronto, said [...]

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International Women’s Day Celebration

“Exploring Tolerance in a time of Intolerance” was the theme of this years Women’s day banquet hosted by IDIOttawa. A gathering of 90 women and men hailing from countries around the globe came together on March 5th to celebrate International Women’s Day via the theme of “Exploring Tolerance in a Time of Intolerance: Building Bridges [...]

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Alberta Legislature Fast Breaking Dinner Event

“2nd Annual Fast Breaking Dinner Event at Alberta Legislature Ground.” The Intercultural Dialogue Institute Edmonton organized a fast breaking dinner event at Alberta Legislature south ground. The attendees included Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly of Alberta, academics, cultural community leaders, religious community leaders, educators, and representatives from NGO’s. The event started with an [...]

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Fim Screening and Discussion Beyond Forgiving

Lets go beyond forgiving! How to move from being a victim to a survivor to a wounded healer? We explored this question in a joint session hosted by Interculturel Dialogue Institute Calgary and Initiatives of Change. A Dinner, Film and Discussion night screening the award winning short film Beyond Forgiving which show the story of [...]

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