Nevruz Festival 2014

//Nevruz Festival 2014

Nevruz Festival 2014


“Celebrating Colours of 12 Diverse Cultures”
Turkiye- Azerbaijan- Uzbekistan- Tataristan – Tajikistan-Turkmenistan-Bosnia Herzagovina- Albania , Afghanistan, Yakutia- Uyghurs, North Cyprus
You are cordially invited to the celebration of International Novruz ( Spring Festival )

( Please bring your children’s art works and your best traditional food for contests )

Time: 12pm.- 6 pm
Date: Sunday, March 30th, 2011
Location :Nile Academy High School
135 Plunkett Road Toronto, M9M 1W5
(Islington & Steels)

Organized by : Canadian Turkish Friendship Community
CTFC is a member of Anatolian Heritage Federation

To be a participant, to open a table or sponsor please contact to :
Mehmet GUL @ :416-269-7670

Central Asia, the Balkan nations as much in a wide range of local color and beliefs celebrated Nevruz, Each nation’s own cultural values ?? symbolization, which is essentially the arrival of spring celebrated on the red carpet reception is a day.

Nev (new) and Ruz (day) resulting from the merger of the words and Nevruz, which means YENIGÜN

Turks living in Central Asia, Anatolian Turks and Iranians have agreed as festival day is called Nevruz, which means new day. Day and night are equal in Milan March 22, corresponds to the Rumi March 9.

Nowruz-i Sultani, Nevruz Sultan, Sultan Navriz, March Nine is also known by such names.

As seen in the Twelve Animal Turkish Calendars in Turks are known from time immemorial and is celebrated with ceremonies. Nowruz in the main narrative about Turkey today is not considered to be a day of salvation. So Ergenekon is an issue. This is why today, the Turkish Norouz, which is considered the beginning of the new year and to date has been celebrated during the holidays.

Various names and widely Nevruz celebrated as this spring festivals regarding the Turkish community in a variety of traditions has occurred. Central Asia, the Balkans, Turks and even the American Indians kept alive in the number of these traditions and ceremonies are able to detect.

Celebration of Nevruz in Turkic nations’

Uzbekistan, Nevruz day a week will continue until the ceremony started. People move from tent to tent at the ceremony celebrated the feast of each other. During these visits, the food served “overcome” is called rice. Kopkar, wrestling, horse races, cock fights are arranged as shown.

Kirghiz Turks in the Nevruz of the day, was in March and the new year’s first day as meaning is expressed. On this day, “We’re No. KOCO called” make a special meal. “Koco”, millet or bulgur placed by splitting a kind of sop is made.

Kazakh Turks, Kazakh Turks, Turks make up the vaccine cook. Nowruz ceremonies are also studied in the sermon. Houses are cleaned beached that day, new clothes are worn. Nevruz during a ceremony on the walls of the house are broken or thrown clay pots on a variety of goods. Fire skipped over. Table tents were opened.

Azerbaijan Many ceremonies and devotions are dedicated to this day. For example in the evening each family should light the number of torches on their house’s roof corresponding to the number of the family members. Everyone should jump over the burning fire saying a kind of a spell. After the fire dies out girls and young men collect the remaining ash and pour it somewhere in the outskirts of the village or a road.

It means that the hardships of those who have jumped over the fire are destroyed and thrown out far beyond their homes.

The largest samani or wheat shoots in Azerbaijan are grown on top of the ancient Maiden Tower in Baku. A local beauty, Bahar khanim – Miss Spring, chosen by the people, lights the torch on top of the tower to welcome Nevruz.

It is a golden rule of Nevruz that on these days you should not curse, lie, swear, gossip or criticize – in other words you must not do anything bad.

Tajikistan in the beginning of March, until March 21 arrival of spring and is celebrated in order to meet the revival of nature. Nevruz renewed “T” starting with the letter from seven dairy food, cleaning, sweet, joy of life, sugar, coolness and relaxation, candle, fire worship, comb, represents a woman’s beauty. According to Islamic tradition after Islâmeyet “T” starting with seven objects have replaced them.

Afghanistan Turks , is celebrated as the birthday of the Turks. Today everyone wear the new clothes. Cemetery and visiting relatives are made, kept and kids wrestling game is played. Elimination of resentment between people are studied. How to start the new year if the year is believed to now.

Turkmenistan day the people of our country proceed in a manner similar to religious festivals and mutual conduct home visits, congratulatory messages are sent.

. The cemetery is performed. During these visits, rice and other foods prepared halva is distributed to the poor. “Gap of the Mist”, “Ring of Water Disposal”, “Water Head”, “Baca Baca” in the number of long years of tradition is continued with various motifs and games. Semen is gögertil. So the seeds are germinated.

Nevruz; Karapapaklar Nevruz, the Crimean Turks in the Navrez, solstice; Western Thrace Turks in the Mevris, Macedonia and Kosovo Turks in the Sultan Navriz, Gagauz in the springtime festivals with the name mentioned above, shared enthusiasm and tradition is celebrated. too wide geography.

Anatolia ( Turkiye ) played this game in the field as well as celebrations are scheduled on March 21 with great enthusiasm. As it has in the past day pastes, slurries, prepared gifts from largest to smallest state officials, they would introduce them to each other. These pieces Mesa Toothpaste Festival today under the name still continues.

Anatolia “Sultan Nevruz “, ” Nevruz Sultan”, “the Ninth of March” and “March Harvest” as known by the names Nevruz, traditions all in Turkish society living continues.

Festivals continues until late. Southeastern Anatolia Region and around our provinces of Gaziantep on March 22 “The Sultan of Nevruz ” is called.

In Diyarbakir; Nevruz day people, entertainment and picnic areas are increasingly celebrate Nowruz. Kars and the surrounding listening at doors on this date, the chimney flue pieces are seen. Taken at home browsing the variety of fruit is given to the chimney flue.

Tunceli and the surrounding area to be black these days men driving expenses on water resources. This land clearing there to pray and make wishes.

Nevruz in the Central Anatolia, “the Ninth of March is known as”. Pieces are made ??of similar celebrations in other regions.

Custom PLAYS

Nevruz ceremonies in communities that are spread generally observed that these games will continue unchanged: Gökbörü Game. Turkistan is located at the beginning of the games played in the national team. This game “Gökbörü, köpkâr, kid / handyman, buzkas, the Kokpar, kükb like” names are also given. Horse racing, javelin games, sword swinging, yamba grabbing, wrestling, horse show of strength on the insidious game, hunt game. These games are usually based on sport. Games is a part of the course. These folk theater or middle game as we can evaluate: koskos game; camel game; additional career yoh, reap career yoh, ate career partner gardas game; winter Bovay; yolbars; arginine to.Nowruz holiday in the local entertainments also are included. Teens compete between mania and reciting poems. Some of these are: Halay game, Yasil yarpag, Gizilgül, in Hahis, to Benövs, Bakhtiar and are bickering.

Turkish belief system

. Here is an old Turkish belief system manifests itself in the culture of the ancestors. March 22 Nevruz is the day before the meet. Nevruz preparations are made ??these days. Washed laundry, dishes are prepared Nevruz renewed day between meals spinach pie, eggs dyed with onion skins, filo pastry, yellow, torsion, sugar, chickpeas, delight counted. On March 23, a large plate of cookies in the afternoon putting women “is right distributive” s. Food distributed “to the spirit of the dead’re worth it” wishes are located in the. On this holiday, everyone is friendly. Crimes forgiven.