Ramadan 2014 Community Iftar Dinners

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Ramadan 2014 Community Iftar Dinners

Ramadan 2014 Community Iftar Dinners

Every year Intercultural Dialogue Institute GTA hosts a series of “Community Iftar (fast-breaking) Dinners” during the month of Ramadan. Iftar dinners bring together people of various faith and ethno-cultural backgrounds and serve as a means of fostering dialogue and cross-cultural awareness. Each of these dinners has received many attendees from all walks of life including government representatives, MPs, MPPs, diplomats, bureaucrats, professionals, business people, representatives from media and academia, as well as religious and community leaders.

<p “>For more information, please visit: http://toronto.interculturaldialog.com/activities/ramadan-iftar-dinners/
This year IDI GTA will host a number of iftar dinners in various part of the GTA as listed below. To get more info and register for any of these dinners, please click on the dates below. Please feel free to attend more than one of these dinners.

– June 27th, 2014: Pre-Ramadan Dinner @ the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga City Hall –
– June 30th, 2014: Iftar Dinner @ St. Philip’s Lutheran Church, Etobicoke  –
– July 8th, 2014: Iftar Dinner @ the Church of the Holy Spirit, Mississauga –

– July 8th, 2014: Iftar Dinner with Social Services Network, Markham –

– July 10th, 2014: Iftar Dinner with Interfaith Panel on “Empathetic Acceptance”, Toronto –

– July 22nd, 2014: Iftar Dinner with the town of Ajax & ICCAD, Ajax –

.– July 23rd, 2014: Iftar Dinner with York CAS and Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora –
– July 24th, 2014: Iftar Dinner with Carabram, Brampton –
– July 26th, 2014: Iftar Dinner with Toronto Police Service @ Nile Academy Plunkett Campus, Toronto –

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for more information: http://www.ramadandinners.ca

Source: http://www.interculturaldialog.com/ramadan-2014-community-iftar-dinners/