Direct Montreal-Istanbul Flights

//Direct Montreal-Istanbul Flights

Direct Montreal-Istanbul Flights

Turkey is a country of increasing importance for Montreal. Relatively recent beginning of direct flights between Toronto and Istanbul by the Turkish Airlines has been well received by travelers flying to Istanbul and beyond. However, this has proven to be insufficient as evidenced by travelers not being able to find seats for direct flights. As Anatolian Heritage Federation, we have received increasing requests by Montreal residents for the establishment of additional direct flights between Montreal and Istanbul, by the Turkish Airlines. Direct Istanbul-Montreal flights are extremely important since Montreal Turkish Canadian community has quadrupled since 2000 (reached 27.000) and they play an important role to enhance bilateral trade and economic relations between their respective countries. All in all, a closer relationship with Turkey in the field of air transportation is a win-win situation for Canada and , representing Turkic communities in Canada, we strongly support the direct Istanbul-Montreal flights.

Direct Istanbul-Montreal flights are also justified by the following reasons:

– Despite strong demand, Istanbul-Montreal is one of the routes with no direct service among the top European destinations. Destinations with less demand enjoy direct flights.

– Direct flights have a positive impact in bilateral economic, commercial and investment relations. Since the direct Istanbul-Toronto flights started, bilateral trade volume has increased threefold.

– The daily number of the passengers travelling in the direction of Istanbul and Montreal is steadily increasing due to the fact that Istanbul has become a major transit point and an important hub because of its proximity to global centers than any other city in the world.

– The Istanbul-Montreal direct flights will help International Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport diversify its customers and will boost domestic flights within Canada and to the US. Most of the indirect flights transiting European centers do not contribute to the domestic flights here.

– AC must enjoy the growing potential in Turkey’s milieu and the experience of THY in the wider region surrounding Turkey because the international passenger and freight demand will increase in the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific considerably while the growth rate is slower or negative in Europe and the North America according to IATA.

 – Considering Canada’s growing economic interests in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region and AC’s announcement of intention to fly to Lebanon and China as preferred destinations, Istanbul-Montreal flights will boost Canada’s extensive economic relationship with Turkey, Lebanon, China, and other North African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries since THY is flying to multiple destinations in Lebanon, China and other centers in the region. Furthermore, Turkey and Canada are allies within NATO for more than six decades. Turkey, as the 17th largest economy in the world and 6th in Europe is a growing market for Canadian economy and offers attractive opportunities for Canadian firms in massive infrastructure projects (150 major projects worth of $300 billion).

 – Direct Istanbul-Montreal flights will also serve the interests of many local sizable Turkic-Canadians and non-Turkish Canadians such as Lebanese, Somali, North African, Sub-continental etc. Considering 240.000 Lebanese Canadians only in Montreal and 150.000 strong Somali Canadians in Canada according to unofficial estimates, this is an important element. It is worth mentioning that THY is the only international airlines company that flies to Somalia and is the strongest European air carrier in the Middle East by flying to all destinations in the region.

Therefore, we strongly support the Montreal-Istanbul direct flights. To support the direct flights, please fill in the required fields of the petition form below.

Information on Direct Flights between Canada and Turkey

The Agreement Between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Canada on Air Transport initialled on March 13, 2009 authorizes national carrier of Turkey to operate regular direct flights on two different points in Canada granting the same rights to the national carrier of Canada in Turkey.

Turkish Airlines (THY) commenced its direct Istanbul-Toronto flights in 2009 with a frequency of three per week. The frequency gradually increased to five flights per week as of October 28, 2012. Air Canada (AC) has announced to start its Toronto-Istanbul flights with a frequency of three flights per week on June 3, 2013. Furthermore, a code-sharing agreement between the two national carriers entered into force on March 25, 2013.

The yearly figures for Toronto-Istanbul one-way passengers are given below. Considering the fact that the figures for the reverse flight are higher, they demonstrate the potential of the air market in Turkey and Canada.




2013 (Jan-April only)





Due to the ever growing pressure in demand, the Executive Board of THY made a decision to operate two new destinations in North America, namely Montreal and Boston before the end of the last year. CEO of THY announced during the talks with AC and Minister of Transport in Montreal and Ottawa their intention of starting with 3 frequencies in a week immediately like in Toronto. As a first class airlines company with its amazing success (twice in a row “Best European Airlines Award, 6th largest airlines company in the world, recently recipient of “Airlines Company of the Year Award” by Air Transport News on March 17, 2013 in Montreal.) and a member of Star Alliance (AC and Lufthansa are also members), THY has the necessary and adequate capacity to service this route immediately.