They take on a magical state of faithful heroes who do not wait for a response each time they embrace us; we feel stressed in a safe and secure manner, filtering the surroundings with the feeling that we can overcome everything with them; we would even behave like we were challenging everyone and hugged them tightly.
The mother is as deep as the heavens … and a glaze of glaze of sensation, in which emotions and thoughts merge and foam like the stars of the heavens, flowing here and there like lava rivers or underground fountains. Yes, he is such a loyalty and compassionate who is in harmony with his bitter-sweet fate … rejoiced with joys and griefs … who do not have expectations, who do not get caught up in expectations and embrace their offspring. what the sufferings coincide with the sweat of the apocalypse and rest on the throat; neither did his child’s loyalty blow like a hub; wrapping him and making him experience the most painful of expats cannot bring him to his knee and make him say “give up” …