Kitchener Locals Greet Ramadan Together
Anatolian Iftar Dinners
Kitchener-Waterloo Anatolian Cultural Center, organized Ramadan dinners every day during the holy month. The people living in the Waterloo area, had free access to these dinners, and played an important role in making the environment suitable for the spirit of Ramadan as well as the meaning, and In the Turkish Muslim Diaspora, had brought consolidation social unity. During the week, an average of 70 people, and in the end more than 100 individuals joined, showing deep interest, and this year organizing the second Iftar dinner program, time to time requesting non-muslim Canadians to join, which had been an advantage to experience this Ramadan along with them. From Waterloo Police Department, from academics and civil servants, to businessman involved with religion and artists had all joined, with a great amount of Canadians involved, to the dinners in the center of the foundation, finding an opportunity to spend time with people of diverse backgrounds.