This year’s graduation ceremony was more lively and exciting then ever before.
Two valedictorians from each campus were chosen. Habibe Dogan, our valedictorian from the Blue Haven Campus gave an energetic speech that had the class of 2015 both in laughter and in tears. She will be continuing her education at McGill University where she has been accepted into the Generel Engineering program. On the other hand, Bahadir Yucebas was our valedictorian from the Plunkett Campus. He delivered a very meaningful speech, focusing on the debt he owed to his teachers and guardians at both the school and dormitory. He has been accepted into University of Toronto’s Computer Science program. Another highlight of the event was an award ceremony for the year’s highest achievers in both academics and sports competitions. Teachers and mentors who dedicated themselves to the betterment of the student body were also recognized with awards and gifts.