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Turkish Olympiad

The International Turkish Language Olympiads (Turkish: Uluslararasi Türkçe Olimpiyatlari) is a competition in the Turkish language. Students who have learned Turkish from over a hundred countries compete in different titles such as: grammar, oral skills, writing essays, reciting poems, singing songs, theatre, general culture and etc.

Why should I learn Turkish?

  • Turkish is the 5th largest spoken language worldwide, with more than 200 million people.
  • The Turkish language is written in Latin alphabet and pronounced as it is written. Therefore, it is easy to learn and to pronounce.
  • Turkey is an emerging economic power with geographical and political ties with Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and European countries.
  • According to MESA (Middle Eastern Studies Association) There is only 0,7 person for every Turkish Language position in the United States and Canada.That means supply does not match the demand.
  • Turkey has a very rich history from Biblical times to the earliest human civilizations, from the first Christians to the most elegant architectural monuments of Islamic civilization.
  • Turkey has a long established culture of coexistence between various members of ethnic and religious groups from Jews to Syriac Christians from Circassians to Albanians\

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General Description of Turkish Olympiad

1. International Turkish Olympics is the final contest for the students learning Turkish as a foreign language and the Turkish students living abroas.

2. The language of the contests is Turkish.

3. The participating countries determine the terms governing the national selection process themselves. However, it is recommended that national selections are carried out according to the guidelines of the 12th International Turkish Language Olympiad.

4. The 12th International Turkish Language Olympiad will be held between 29th May and 15th June, 2014.

5. Countries that would like to participate in the 12th International Turkish Language Olympiad must apply to The International Association of Turkish Language Teaching (TÜRKÇEDER). Countries that have not submitted an application cannot take part in the contests.

In order to facilitate the visa process and the initial preparations, applications must be submitted by March 20, 2014. All applications will be done via www.turkceolimpiyatlari.org

6. Students who have participated in previous years cannot take part in any of the contests in 12th International Turkish Language Olympiad except in the Advanced Level Turkish Contest.

7. For male-only teams or female-only teams, one team leader will chaperone up to seven competitors. For teams with more than seven competitors, one additional supervisor may chaperone.

a) For mixed teams (male and female) one male and one female team leader may chaperone.

b) Guests or parents will not be accepted.

8. Primary and secondary school students between the ages of 13 and 19 (born in between 1995-2001) may compete in any competition except for the song, poetry, and folk-dancing contests. The song, poetry, sound and folk-dancing contests are for children of ages 12 to 16 (born in between 1998-2002). Any competitors that are not in this age range will not be accepted.

For the essay and speaking contests that university students participate, the upper age limit is 25.

9. Each participating country has to participate in the Country Exhibition Stands Contest.

10. Competitors are required to wear their traditional costumes at the award ceremony. Therefore, each competitor should bring his or her traditional costumes to Turkey.

11. All competitors, team leaders and supervisors are to cover their own international travel expenses. During their time in Turkey, accommodation, food and travel expenses will be covered by TÜRKÇEDER.

12. The participating students and team leaders cannot attend to any other event or organization between May 29th and 15th, 2014 without getting permission from TÜRKÇEDER. Otherwise they cannot get rewards.

13. Each country is given a certain quota of participants. Any competitors or team delegates, who exceeds the quota, will not be accepted.

14. TÜRKÇEDER will not award double money prize except “General Knowledge, Sound, Reading Marbling, Essay and Speaking contest for University students” contests. In these contests, the prize money is given to the top three winners. Even though a competitor participates in more than one contest, s/he will be awarded the highest prize (prize money) s/he achieves. (This rule does not apply for medals and certificates. All the medals and certificates s/he earns from various contests will be granted.)

15. Each country will compete within the designated group and be awarded separately.

16. The evaluation of the contests will be made by jury created by TÜRKÇEDER.

17. The results will be announced from www.turkceolimpiyatlari.org

18. Each country should bring at least two small/medium/large size of country flags.

19. It is the team leader’s responsibility to obtain official documents required to leave the country of origin (passport , visa to Turkey, medical report, medical insurance, parental consent, etc).

20. For general inquiries about the 12th International Turkish Olympics, please contact us at: