Abrahamic Talk Series:Charity
Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa held its third Abrahamic Talk Series with St. Paul Anglican Church. The panel, led by Alison Stortz and Feyza Celik and hosted by Vusal Babashov, executive director of IDI Ottawa, aimed to bring together the two communities to shed light on the common values of giving and generosity in Christianity and Islam. The audience enjoyed a dynamic discussion after the presentations, where they shared ideas and posed questions to uncover the similarities and distinctions of charity giving among the two religions. The community concluded that attaining God’s love and pleasure was perhaps the cause and core purpose of showing altruistic behaviour towards the common interests of society. The audience also brought forward some concerns about the role of community leaders in motivating the broader community to become more generous with their time and money. A
great discussion determined that it is critical to become role models and prime examples to the community, and to encourage everyone to participate in activities in order to encourage the growth of charity giving.