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‘Canada has attracted people in search of a share of a dream from all corners of the world. Since Canada is known for its immigration history, the Canadian society has often been described as a “cultural mosaic”. Composed of citizens from all over the world including Turkey (Anatolia) in Canada as a part of its cultural mosaic. Anatolia is a region which has a legacy of ages that gave birth to today’s many great civilizations: Hittites, Lydians, Persians, Greeks, Romans,Byzantine, Seljuks, Ottomans and modern Turkey just to name a few.

HIZMET Movement affiliated institutions must:

      1. be dedicated to serve the community in accordance with the law of Canada and the universal humanitarian values;

      2. fight against all extremism, radicalism, exclusion, and discrimination; be against all kinds of violence;

      3. promote multiculturalism, tolerance, and intercultural, inter-faith and intra-faith dialogue; and

      4. serve through education, dialogue, community service and humanitarian aid to help eliminate or reduce ignorance, violence, conflict and poverty in their respective communities.

Having its name inspired from such a matchless geography and history, Anatolian Heritage Federation (AHF) is founded umbrella organization for many HIZMET  Movement affiliated  institutions from all over Canada .

Anatolian Heritage Federation represents 20 charity and non-profit organizations in Canada. These organizations has been active in 6 provinces starting from 2003 in following fields: preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of its members, providing educational programs to its members and society at large, assisting business people in establishing themselves in Canada, organizing humanitarian relief activities and proving support to newcomers, and contributing diversity and social cohesion through educational and engagement projects.

In accordance, AHF has adopted the motto “Embracing future through legacy of ages”. We hope to make a contribution to the cultural fabric of Canada, like many cultures before us.