Youth 4 Success(Y4S) Platform is an Anatolian Heritage Federation project that holds workshops and seminars to give Canadian youth the information and support that they require to overcome the barriers that face them when it comes to employment and education. Y4S acts in 4 cities, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton. As of August 2021, we will also act in Vancouver, Regina, Hamilton, and Kitchener.

Those barriers include the Criminal Record barrier, Drug Addiction barrier, Education Gap, and Language Barrier. Our volunteers are mainly university and high school students, and our target audience is youth aged between 15-24. Right now, we have 60 active volunteers and we have around 125 worldwide members. Youth 4 Success has one team for each barrier and another team for social media. Each of the 5 teams meets biweekly and all teams meet bimonthly.

Y4S hosts webinars, student clubs, talk series and other events that are safe environments for youth to ask questions, gain communication skills and make new friends. The platform also offers tutoring programs on science and math to help them with the education gap. Partnering with colleges, universities, community centres, and so on for our events and programs is one of the best ways to create project volunteers’ easy access to the researches.

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