Turkey has experienced record economic growths within the last decade and increasingly becoming a major player among the G20 countries. Canada on the other hand is one of the first countries that came out of recent economic downturn once again proving the strength of its economy. In line with this progress, Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce was founded to establish new connections and relationships that will greatly benefit both countries and to help Turkish and Canadian entrepreneurs in every step.

TCCC strives to be a conduit for exchange of information and knowledge between Turkey and Canada on economic, social, political and business matters and establish its own line of communication with Canada business enterprises, think tanks and government agencies. TCCC endeavors to keep the global communication network open and helps Turkish Business community to integrate into the Canada market. Additionally, the Chamber has executed a strategic partnership agreement with TUSKON the largest and most-widespread NGO in the Turkish business community. Through this agreement TCCC’s members have gained access to TUSKON’s worldwide resources.