Anatolian Heritage Federation held “Annual Reception” on October 22, 2012 at Ottawa Sheraton Hotel. Federal Member of Parliament Canada, Federal Member of Senators Canada, High commissioners and Community leaders were invited. Members of Anatolian Heritage Federation were present at the reception to see their local MP. The following countries were also present with their cultural display: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgiz, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Tatar and Turkiye.  Party member representatives gave speech at the reception; MP Bob Dechert representing the Conservative party, MP Irene Mathyssen representing the NDP and MP Hon. Judy Sgro representing the Liberal Party.  Federal Member of Parliaments and guests gave remarks.  For the guests there was also display of Art work Ebru (Water Marbling), Turkish Calligraphy, Cultural clothing, and Turkish Culinary.  The Federal Member of Parliaments, Senators of Canada and High commissioners were briefed on Anatolian Heritage Federations aims and objectives.  It was also an opportunity for the Turkic community and the Balkan community to be able to showcase their culture to the Federal Member of Parliament, Canada.  Everyone enjoyed a wonderful Turkish culinary and also were able have their names written by the Turkish Calligraphy artist.