CTFC 2021 Summer Camp Belleville & Niagara Falls

When looking for summer activities for their kids, guardians today are confronted with a fantastic abundance of choices and CTFC offers a variety of programs to ensure we meet the needs and interests of the camper. Programs range from academic, arts and science, to sports, swimming lessons, leadership, outdoor adventure and more!

An extensive lot of these choices depict themselves as "camp": sports camps, expressions camps, school camps, and, obviously, the universal "day camps." We know that everyone should go camping. However, if, as stated, the default idea of the camp experience is traditional resident camp, many families face a problem: the separation and independence required of a camper for even a one- or two-week resident program may be too high of a hurdle for the child or the parents.

Summer Day Camp offers new practices, skill-building, a sense of community and lasting friendships — in conservation and urban settings while allowing campers to return home each evening. Camp parents are often surprised with their child’s growth during an experience at camp, and a nightly look at the positive impact camp has given one’s child is rewarding for any parent.