IDI-Ottawa’s Ramadan pre-dawn breakfast program was covered on the daily Ottawa Citizen.
Intercultural Dialogue Institute-Ottawa’s 2015 Ramadan predawn (or suhoor) breakfast program made it to the Ottawa Citizen, a prominent daily of the Nation’s Capital. Alison Mah, reporter of the Ottawa Citizen was the guest of the Mr. Demir & Mrs.Nurcan Topcuoglu family for suhoor meal to explore more about the holy month of Ramadan, its rituals and importance to the local Turkish-Muslim community. Arriving around 1:30 am at the home of Topcuoglus, Alison first asked her exploratory questions to Nurcan as she was preparing the meal, and then talked to Demir and Yasin, the older boys of the family who didn’t miss fasting throughout the Ramadan, on challenges and pleasure this month has to offer.
To read the full story, please visit: http://ottawacitizen. com/news/local-news/experiencing-a-ramadan-feast-whilethe-rest-of-ottawa-sleeps