The Anatolian Heritage Federation (AHF) will be hosting its annual reception for the Members of Provincial Parliament, their staff and for Turkic communities at Queen’s Park on June 3, 2013 (12-1pm). AHF aims to establish a landmark event for Turkic Canadians resembling the Turkic Canadian solidarity; and the reception will be a venue to share the Turkic Heritage in Canada and will also be a venue to celebrate Turkic societies’ contributions to the Canadian society. The last year’s reception was quite a success bringing together over 40 MPPs and members of various communities.

Honorary Committee
MPPs Shafiq Qadri
Monte Kwinter
John O’Toole
Cheri DiNovo
Mike Colle
Julia Munro
Jack McLaren
Hon. Reza Moridi

3rd Annual Friendship Reception at Queens Park