Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, TCCC, organized two networking iftar dinners at the Scarborough Campus of Nile Academy and Blue Haven Campus of Nile Academy. Turkish Consul General Ali Riza Guney and various community leaders from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tataristan,Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Yaqutia, Bosnia, Albania, Bulgaria and Somalia attended these events.

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Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a non profit, non political, non governmental business organization which represents members of the Confederation of Businessmen’s and Industrialists’ of Turkiye and Canada. TCCC strives to be a conduit for exchange of information and knowledge between Turkiye and Canada on economic, social, political and business matters and establish its own line of communication with Canada business enterprises, think tanks and government agencies. TCCC  endevours to keep the global communication network open and helps Turkish Business community to integrate into the Canada market.
TCCC conducts comprehensive industry and market research in Toronto and nearby metropolitan areas. Our purpose is to discover trade opportunities and to provide effective market entrance strategies.
TCCC also consults Canadian businessmen who are seeking opportunities in Turkiye, which has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

 TCCC is a member of Anatolian Heritage Federation