Social Cohesion Through Responsible Citizenship
The Intercultural Dialogue Institute GTA held its 9th Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner focused around the theme of Responsible Citizenship and Social Cohesion. The event had a distinguished Hosting Committee comprised of many prominent leaders from all over the GTA. United Way Toronto was the charitable partner of the event. John Ralston Saul, prominent Canadian writer and President of PEN International, gave a keynote speech at the evening concerning citizenship in a multicultural society. He spoke about the importance of responsible citizenship, using Toronto’s recent Ice Storm as an example where people acted as responsible and inclusive citizens. Saul continued on to describe the various characteristics of a responsible citizen, citing qualities such as being engaged, conscious, empathetic and having courage. He stated that many new Canadians fit these characteristics and they not only contribute to the economy but to our civilization and culture as well.