World Press Freedom Day Message from Fethullah Gulen

Today I join the United Nations and the global community in paying tribute to journalists around the world, including those who endure obstacles to ensure that the public is informed. This day is a reminder to us for the importance of protecting fundamental human rights and freedoms and respecting freedom of expression and freedom of the press.
Unfortunately, journalists are being threatened and are facing violence on a daily basis across the globe, especially in Turkey, which has been called the world’s worst jailers of journalists. Autocratic regimes are fearful of a free media because they know that their wrongdoings will be exposed. Every effort is done to curb the media’s ability to speak the truth, including through firing, threatening, and in some cases even torturing and killing.
At a time when the world is swathed in a culture of fear and intolerance to diversity of opinions, it is now more important than ever to not turn a blind eye to silencing of journalists, who are an essential part of democracy. We should celebrate their bravery and publicize their plight so that their voices and their stories are heard. I celebrate the World Press Freedom Day of all journalists around the world and of everyone who values freedom of speech and freedom of press.