Educational institutions under the umbrella of AHF were established to meet the need for a better education and a brighter future for the children.  With its experienced staff, the institutions are determined to maximize the students’ potential for success and have built a reputation on catering on individual needs and diversity.  In delivering education the institutions seek to inspire a love of learning and to instill a strong sense of moral behavior. They strive to nurture the students’ natural abilities while maintaining the belief that children need direction, discipline and standards of excellence to thrive.
All members of the educational communities are asked to hold each other to high expectations of behavior and achievement so that the children will aspire to make a better world.
Founded in 2005, NILE ACADEMY is a co-educational, non-denominational, private school providing education in English from Kindergarten to grade 12 based on Ontario curriculum standards. Nile Academy has two campuses in Toronto.  The campus for Elementary School serves from Kindergarten to grade 8 and the campus for High School serves from grade 9 to grade 12 as academic classes. In addition, the high School also has boarding facilities for the students who wish to further their studies in Canada.
Académie Montessori la Riviére (River Montessori Academy)
Founded in 2006,  Académie Montessori la Riviére is a co-educational , non-denominational private school providing education in French from Kindergarten to grade 8.  Académie Montessori la Riviére is located in Montreal, Quebec.
Northern Lights Educational Services
Northern Lights Educational Services is a non-profit corporation, community based organization providing various educational programs to the residents of Ottawa.  The Northern Lights Childcare Centre, an initiative by NLES, is a daycare licensed under the Daycare Nursery Act of the Ministry of Child and Youth Services of Ontario.
Weekend Schools
The educational foundations also provide Weekend Language and Heritage School Programs in which the students learn Turkish Language Culture and moral values.  In addition, the programs play an important role in motivating and preparing children for a better future with guidance and counseling services.
Turkish Classes
Turkish Classes are also provided to non-Turkish speakers who wish to learn Turkish.  Turkish courses are offered from elementary to advanced levels for students of all ages.  Turkish lessons aim to develop all five skills mainly listening, reading, speaking, writing and culture.  Students are encouraged to focus on conversational Turkish with an emphasis on active participation.