Fethullah Gülen’s Message of Condolences for the Victims of Nova Scotia Shooting

Fethullah Gülen’s Message of Condolences for the Victims of Nova Scotia Shooting I am shocked and deeply saddened by the deadly shooting in Nova Scotia that claimed the lives of 23 people on Saturday. I strongly condemn this act of violence and urge everyone to take a strong stance against all forms [...]

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Abrahamic Talk Series:Charity

Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa held its third Abrahamic Talk Series with St. Paul Anglican Church. The panel, led by Alison Stortz and Feyza Celik and hosted by Vusal Babashov, executive director of IDI Ottawa, aimed to bring together the two communities to shed light on the common values of giving and generosity in Christianity and Islam. The audience enjoyed a dynamic [...]

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ABC Road Map 2014

Anatolian Heritage Federation (AHF), in partnership with the Association of Balkan Canadians (ABC), is proud to organize the Road Map Leadership Conference on April 30th, 2014. […]

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions under the umbrella of AHF were established to meet the need for a better education and a brighter future for the children.  With its experienced staff, the institutions are determined to maximize the students’ potential for success and have built a reputation on catering on individual needs and diversity.  In delivering education the [...]

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Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Turkey has experienced record economic growths within the last decade and increasingly becoming a major player among the G20 countries. Canada on the other hand is one of the first countries that came out of recent economic downturn once again proving the strength of its economy.  In line with this progress, Turkish Canadian Chamber of [...]

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Cultural Activities

The mission of the member organizations which deals with mainly cultural issues is to introduce Turkic culture into Canadian society and cultivate friendship and promote the understanding of diverse cultures through its unique services to the community, through dialogue and cooperation.  The organizations also address the social and cultural needs of Turkish Canadians and helps [...]

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ACTIVITIES AHF facilitates activities that aim at better understanding of cultures regardless of differences.  AHF recognizes differences as diversity which yields a long lived prosperity within a nation.  As an umbrella organization AHF sees its affiliate organizations as entities through which community effectiveness is built to accomplish the goals that serve the society as a [...]



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