Selam Journey to the Spring’ watched with tears
Selam Journey to the Spring, whose director was Hamdi Alkan and whose actors were Aslihan Guner, Gurol Gungor, Miktebek Apazov, Mert Yavuzcan and Egemberdi Bekboliev, met with its audience in Canada. The movie attracted so many people from different backgrounds in different cities. An audience, Mr. Erdal Dag, who watched the movie in Toronto, said that “this movie showed us that in what condition the pioneers served the humanity; I personally thank to everyone contributed in making this movie.” Another audience, a Real Estate agent, Yusuf Celtikoglu emphasized the impression of the movie. He said that “the whole movie was so impressive, but one scene in which main actor said to his friend that “we are responsible for the journey, but for the triumph”, touched my heart deep.